About Us

Efficiency and Reliability

This approach accelerates the progress of various Precision Medicine Initiatives worldwide by demonstrating what can be achieved when good engineering and medical teams work closely together. Digital Orthopaedics received the ISO 13485:2016 certification for the design of clinical and surgical simulation decision support systems for musculoskeletal pathologies and, since its creation in 2016, has benefited from a financing of more than 5M € provided by the insurance company Intégrale and the Walloon region (Belgium).

Our comprehensive clinical decision support system integrates innovative clinical support, personalized surgical 3D simulation and machine learning platforms.

Unique Knowledge Base and Clinical Support Platform


We provide a web-based software connected to doctor and patient interfaces, that aims to support clinical decision-making and refinement for health practitioners in their clinical practice. This software allows, patients, doctors and healthcare professionals to collect and analyze the semiology (clinical and radiological signs), and to define the most appropriate therapeutic options based on knowledge-based algorithms from international experts, members of the company's scientific committee.