3DOrthoCheck launch planned on the 24th of October. Save the date!

Save the date!
Digital Orthopaedics will launch their Patients App during InnovaTech’s event on the 24
th of October.

A free app

Available online for free, Digital Orthopedic’s Patients App is designed to help people prepare their own anamnesis report at home before consulting a specialist.
The user is guided through a simple and visual online questionnaire that can be printed as a report to share with a doctor.

The first step towards a bigger plan

This first app is part of bigger picture to cover the patient experience in foot & ankle orthopedy.
Digital Orthopaedics is currently developing a platform that will facilitate each step of the entire chain of events from the occurrence of the injury until complete recovery. Four apps are scheduled so far: the Patients App will be linked to a Doctor’s App scheduled for December 2019. Two joined Apps will complete this release (Digital Twins and Surgical Simulation), and the company already has plans to develop more material that will improve the post-surgery follow-up until the patient has completely recovered.