spring news summary

Spring News Summary

Digital Orthopaedics is staying strong despite the challenges of the current worldwide pandemic.In this article, find out more about the progress we have made in terms of technical developments and …

A case study on DO

Dassault Systèmes just published a case study about our company.You can check it out via the link below: https://www.3ds.com/insights/customer-stories/digital-orthopaedics

DO passed ISO 13485

Digital Orthopaedics passes ISO 13485 during the Covid-19 confinement period We are pleased to announce that despite the confinement, we successfully passed the audit for the ISO 13485:2016 certification! The …

Digital Orthopaedics and Avicenna Alliance

We are pleased to announce our membership of Avicenna Alliance.A brief presentation of our company is available on their website. Find the article here: https://avicenna-alliance.com/latest-news/news/avicenna-alliance-continues-to-grow-by-welcoming-digital-orthopaedics-medical-among-its-members/

Hub Day on Digital Engineering in Paris

Digital Orthopaedic’s CEO will be speaker during this Hub Day dedicated to Digital Twin technology Digital Twin technology has become a major performance tool for businesses. Synonym of opportunity and …