3DOXpert featured on 3rd of December in Paris

Digital Orthopaedics will participate to the event at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris on the 3rd of December to introduce 3DOXpert, their new CDSS platform.

3DOrthoCheck, Digital Orthopaedics’ new patients app

A Patient Centric System
CDSS stands for Clinical Decision Support System. The goal of 3DOXpert is to support patients from the appearance of their symptoms until complete recovery, thanks to a series of online applications.

3DOrthoCheck, the Patients App, is specially designed to digitally gather your health data before the medical consultation. It is entirely free and it will provide you with advice on who to consult and how to understand your symptoms. The app has received a CE marking and will collect information about the reason(s) for the consultation, the main symptoms such as pain, functional capacity, medical and surgical history, usual footwear, etc in order to help to build an exhaustive profile for each patient’s unique morphology and background.

Once the online questionnaire has been filled in by the patient, the app generates an intermediate report (concise summary of patient health information) that can be shared with a medical practitioner to carry on the medical procedure.

3DOrthoMed, the Doctors’App due in Dedember 2019, will follow up on this first anamnesis report directly in the doctor’s practice. It will record the practitioner’s diagnostics during the consultation and provide guidance based on the symptoms recorded. If it turns out that the pathology requires a surgery, Digital Orthopaedics has planned more modules dedicated to the surgery’s simulation and planification.

Digital Twins models
A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to create a clone of the patient’s foot and simulate the surgery on it to optimize a quick and efficient recovery that meets the patients’ expectations. To achieve this, Digital Orthopaedics is working on two apps. These modules will detect the best type of surgery and prosthetics needed, based on the patient’s unique morphology.

The next step will be a surgery planner App and a robotic app which will respectively plan the medical intervention for the surgeon and suggest the best robotic support to perform or assist with the surgery itself.

Practical Details
When: 03/12/2019 from 8pm to 10pm
Where: Atelier des Lumières – 38 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris, France Contact: Audrey Hermans – marketing@01ortho.com