3DOrthoCheck V3 : a tour of the new functionalities

We told you about it in our last article, our free patients’ app 3DOrthoCheck has been fine-tuned to enhance users experience and to support covid-19 prevention. Without further ado, let’s take a look at its new functionalities.

A new covid-19 questionnaire

Before they start filling in the medical form related to their foot pathology, patients will be guided through a quick questionnaire. Its purpose: detecting possible covid-19 symptoms.
This screening represents a safe first contact with patients as well as a means of prevention, as a person who is potentially contaminated should be approached with extra care and should in no way be in contact with other patients.

When the patient finalizes the form, the covid-19 screening results will be visible in the report, ready to be shared with the practitioner. If a contamination risk exists, the patient will be invited to contact the medical centre to receive further guidance. If the test is negative, the consultation on site with the doctor will be confirmed.

A new way to connect patient and practitioner online

When a patient contacts his doctor to schedule an appointment, the doctor can pre-create the patient account through his app (3DorthoMed) and send an email invitation that will automatically link the patient’s account and the doctor’s account. Through this invitation, the patient can fill in 3DOrthoCheck’s medical questionnaire prior to the medical consultation.

2 feet, one medical form

Patients are now able to record multiple complaints in parallel, using the same form.
In the event where there is more than one complaint location (left foot, left ankle, right foot and/or right ankle), the pages dedicated to the symptoms will be multiplied as needed.

The duplication of the pages will allow to encode specific data, complaint by complaint.
Several tabs, identifying the complaint location, will be displayed at the top of the screen to allow switching from one complaint to another. In addition, a colour code will be applied to facilitate navigation.

Comfort of use on any device

3DOrthoCheck is now smartphone friendly!
This means that patients can comfortably fill in their health information in the online application on their computer, tablet or smartphone from home or in the waiting room of the medical facilities.


This new version of our patients app is already available on our website.
For more information on our products, feel free to contact us via sales@01ortho.com or marketing@01ortho.com