If we can personalize medical treatment, can we improve patient care?

Have you been in a situation where a generic treatment did not work very well for you or someone you know?

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that maybe the doctor (as good as he or she may be) should really be treating YOU rather than a generalized representation of you?

Because everyone is different, Digital Orthopaedics believes and works on a system that can help to get the right diagnostic and therapies based on the personal profile of the patient.

To address this need, Digital Orthopaedics has developed a foot and ankle Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) articulated around three axes:

  1. Web based software

    A Web-based software including a knowledge base and an expert system connected to doctor and patient interfaces, providing support clinical decision-making and refinement to health practitioners in their clinical practice. This software allows, thanks to different levels of access, managers, patients, doctors and healthcare professionals to collect and analyze the semiology (clinical and radiological signs), and to define the most appropriate therapeutic options based on knowledge-based algorithms from international experts, members of the company's scientific committee.

  2. Surgical planning support service

    A surgical planning support service, validated by modeling and personalized simulation, intended mainly for orthopedic surgeons for the development and validation of surgical plans with a thorough etiological analysis of the pathology also supported by the CDSS.

  3. Machine Learning platform

    These structured data thus feed into a platform of clinical cases allowing machine learning algorithms to enrich the knowledge base of foot and ankle pathologies. This will calibrate and refine the expert system recommendations as well as the custom surgical simulation platform

Strategic partnerships

Digital Orthopaedics currently combines within its team, expertise in computer science, engineering and 3D simulation, clinical investigations with a strong medical and biomechanical expertise provided by Dr. Bruno Ferré and Thibaut Leemrijse supported by the expert committee. It also benefits from close collaboration with the Foot & Ankle Institute in Brussels, which is one of the leading European clinical centers in the field of foot and ankle surgery, allowing an immediate clinical confrontation to its innovative ideas.

Digital Orthopedics benefits from strategic collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, the world's leading developer of software for simulation and product lifecycle. The company was selected as part of Dassault Systèmes 3DExperienceLab startup accelerator. This opportunity allows the company to support its technological development of surgical simulation by a principle of "mentoring" on the most relevant teams of engineers and unlimited access to all available solutions.

The company has filed a patent in 2017 to protect the specific concepts developed by its teams.