The added value of Digital Orthopaedics’ CDSS value proposition is based on three technological platforms.

chiffre01Knowledge Base and Diagnosis Support Platform for foot & ankle pathologies. This will allow physicians, healthcare professionals and patients to collect clinical signs and symptoms to understand the pathology and then choose treatments based on knowledge from the best experts. It includes a comprehensive medical knowledge base for foot and ankle symptoms, conditions and treatments and a Heuristic algorithm for diagnosis

chiffre02A Personalized Surgical Simulation Platform to assist the primarily the orthopaedic surgeons to develop surgical plan with a clear Root-cause analysis of the disease and to improve the treatment success rate. This could also be of great value to the medical device industry for the production of virtual clinical study for new implants and prosthetic ankles. The platform includes tools for patient image analysis and segmentation, a computer model of foot and ankle biomechanics that allow the development of simulation options tailored for each patient anatomy and disease;

chiffre03A Machine Learning and Clinical Cases Platform that will enrich the company knowledge and will allow improved outcomes from the Diagnosis Support and Personalized Surgical Simulation Platforms. The platform will allow to improve clinical models by analyzing patient pre- and post-operative data generated by the two other platforms.

Digital Orthopaedics’ competitive advantage derives from the integration and synergies generated between these three platforms and from the development of software-based innovative services on each of these platforms to meet customer needs.